Reorganisation and tax planning

Układanie kostki rubika

We carry out projects aimed at achieving or maintaining an optimal legal form of business activity in a dynamically changing regulatory and economic environment. Moreover, changing the nature of the business often requires making modifications to formal structures.

We plan the legal and tax launch of new business lines or the implementation of specific investments.

With many years of experience in conducting transformation and reorganisation processes, we effectively assist our clients in planning and implementing successful solutions. In our work methodology, we focus on the implementation of procedures that allow for asset protection against business risks, rational tax rates, as well as a strong balance sheet position and low complexity in managing the structure.

Our offer is targeted towards:

  • small, medium, and large entrepreneurs;
  • entrepreneurs planning investments;
  • business owners considering the sale of their business;
  • entrepreneurs considering succession planning.


Key benefits derived from cooperation with us include:

  • simpler and cost-effective business structure;
  • rational tax and social insurance charges;
  • asset protection;
  • formal capacity for succession planning;

Thanks to the work of our multidisciplinary team of specialists, we approach problems and issues from multiple perspectives. This ensures that every aspect of our client’s business is taken care of and secure.