Zabawa długopisem i kartkami

We provide comprehensive legal and tax assistance in the process of selling or acquiring shares, stock, businesses, or parts thereof. We advise and represent clients in mergers, conduct legal and tax analyses within capital transactions, and carry out due diligence projects.

For many years, we have been assisting entities from various sectors and industries in conducting capital changes. We efficiently and safely handle transactions and assist in preparing investment agreements regulating the functioning of companies for years to come.

Our services are directed to:

  • entities planning to expand by gaining control over other businesses;
  • entities engaged in investment activities, especially private equity funds, venture capital, and alternative investment companies;
  • managers planning to take control of the entities they manage;
  • entities planning to sell shares, stock, or other ownership rights in their controlled businesses, including as part of restructuring their group structures;
  • entities directly affected by M&A transactions (companies subject to a change in control)
  • minority partners or shareholders in entities directly affected by M&A transactions.

We support clients in the following areas:

  • legal and tax assistance in M&A transactions;
  • representation in antitrust proceedings regarding concentrations;
  • legal advice related to obtaining financing;
  • legal advice related to fulfilling obligations of public companies;
  • legal and tax advice in due diligence processes;
  • legal and tax advice in determining the optimal structure of M&A transactions (from the perspective of both the investor and the seller);
  • legal advice in the preparation and negotiation of transaction documentation;
  • representation of investors in antitrust proceedings regarding concentrations before the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection
  • legal advice regarding the fulfillment of obligations by entities whose shares have been admitted to public trading on a regulated market or in an alternative trading system;
  • legal advice in the process of obtaining financing for M&A transactions;

By choosing our continuous support, you gain the expertise of an experienced and multidisciplinary team. Taking care of your interests and providing you with specific tips and solutions is important to us. Through situation analysis, we minimise the risks to your investment and develop an effective plan of action.