Zatrzymanie przewracających się klocków domino

We offer comprehensive support for entrepreneurs facing insolvency and for insolvent entities. We provide a full range of legal and tax services.

The main goal of our team is to help clients avoid declaring bankruptcy. We seek solutions through entering into agreements with creditors and restructuring processes. If the situation does not allow for such actions, we assist in the safe and smooth declaration of corporate bankruptcy.

Our services are directed to:

  • commercial companies and partnerships;
  • individuals conducting business activities, including sole proprietors;
  • civil law partnerships;
  • members of company management boards;
  • managers;
  • persons effectively managing the company;
  • individuals seeking consumer bankruptcy.

We support clients in the following areas:

  • comprehensive legal and restructuring advisory prior to restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • comprehensive legal and restructuring advisory after the opening of restructuring or bankruptcy proceedings;
  • advising and representing clients in the course of negotiations with creditors or debtors;
  • analysis of the debtor’s situation to determine possible reasons for restructuring or bankruptcy;
  • minimizing the debtor’s personal liability risk for late submission of bankruptcy petition;
  • supervising the proceedings to approve arrangement or composition;
  • representing clients in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings, including those conducted before the authorities involved in such proceedings (judge commissioner, bankruptcy trustee, administrator, court-appointed supervisor);

By choosing our ongoing support, you gain the expertise of an experienced and multidisciplinary team. Taking care of your interests and providing you with specific tips and solutions is important to us. Through a thorough analysis of the situation, we will minimise the risks to your business and develop an effective plan of action.