Healthcare Law

Engaging in healthcare activities involves risks, which is why we offer legal and advisory assistance to institutions, medical personnel, and patients. With our comprehensive analysis and years of experience, we operate effectively and efficiently.

We assist our clients in minimizing risks associated with the need to pay damages and penalties. We prevent both the loss of funding from the National Health Fund and the criminal sanctions. We also provide advice to patients, enabling them to obtain compensation for damage incurred in connection with medical treatment.

Our services are aimed at:

  • private healthcare entities, including medical practices,
  • independent public healthcare institutions,
  • medical personnel,
  • patients and their families,
  • entities interested in collaborating with healthcare entities,
  • entities interested in acquiring shares or stock in healthcare entities,
  • entities interested in establishing, reorganizing, or liquidating healthcare entities,
  • entities participating in tender procedures with the National Health Fund (NFZ),
  • entities interested in restructuring.

Our services in the healthcare sector include:

  • comprehensive legal services for healthcare entities,
  • representation of healthcare entities, medical personnel, and patients in cases concerning medical malpractice and infringement of patient rights,
  • representation of healthcare entities in court and administrative proceedings, as well as before regulatory bodies and institutions, including inspections of healthcare entities,
  • representation of medical personnel in disciplinary proceedings,
  • advice in proceedings before the National Health Fund (NFZ), • carrying out legal audits of healthcare entities,
  • advice in the course of carrying out transactions related to the acquisition and sale of healthcare entities or their organizational units,
  • advice on the processes of the establishment, reorganization, and liquidation of healthcare entities,
  • preparation of contracts, regulations, and internal acts,
  • advice on the employment of medical personnel,
  • advice on public procurement in healthcare,
  • advice on personal data, medical documentation, and confidentiality matters,
  • advice in processes related to the restructuring of healthcare entities.

By deciding on our ongoing support, you gain the expertise of an experienced and multidisciplinary team. Ensuring your interests are protected is important to us, thus we will provide you with specific guidance and solutions. Through a thorough analysis of the situation, we will minimise risks and develop an effective plan of action.