Within the scope of our offer, we provide clients with accounting outsourcing, as well as human resources and payroll outsourcing. All such services are performed by a team of specialists dedicated to the given client.

  • Accounting outsourcing. Within the accounting outsourcing, we provide our clients with comprehensive bookkeeping services (both full and simplified bookkeeping), and prepare relevant annual documentation, as well as documentation related to organizational processes taking place in the client’s organisation. Moreover, if required, we produce data necessary to prepare consolidated financial statements. We also conduct in-house accounting supervision, the control of the compliance of the issued invoices with the concluded contracts and applicable provisions of the law, as well as the control of tax risk.
  • HR and payroll outsourcing. Within the scope of the HR and payroll outsourcing, we perform in particular, tasks related to the calculation of employees’ remuneration and the calculation of other costs connected with client’s employment processes. We correspond with relevant bodies and institutions, and we perform tasks connected with HR administration within the scope previously agreed with each client.