Joanna Kostowska


Joanna provides comprehensive accounting and financial advisory services, as well as assistance in preparing periodic analyses and reports for our clients’ management needs. She has gained extensive experience while servicing large, medium, and small enterprises operating in various industries, including trade, services, and manufacturing. She has extensive knowledge of financial management, tax law, labour law, as well as strong analytical skills.

She supervises, coordinates, and verifies the accuracy of accounting documents. She meticulously and diligently prepares and records documents, prepares tax returns and financial statements for companies in accordance with applicable legal regulations.

She prefers to spend her leisure time actively, with her family.


  • She has over twenty years of experience in accounting, finance, and HR.
  • She holds a certificate issued by the Ministry of Finance, entitling her to provide accounting services.
  • She has participated in numerous courses and trainings related to accounting.
  • She has a communicative level of proficiency in English.