Joanna Szihi

Director of the Management Board Office

Joanna has been collaborating with the JGA team since 2014, currently supporting management at JGA Tax Advisory.
In collaboration with partners, she creates appropriate internal procedures and rules, updates them, and ensures compliance therewith. She manages matters related to the company’s current operations and independently oversees administrative processes within the organisation. She coordinates the work of the office and ensures smooth cooperation among employees in particular departments.

She is responsible for contacts with entities cooperating with JGA. With brilliant cost awareness, he plans the budget, ensures office supplies, and approves expenses for necessary office materials, equipment, and furnishings. She initiates and implements innovative IT solutions to improve the functioning of the advisory company. She schedules meetings, maintains calendars, organises internal and external events. She coordinates all activities related to the implementation of contracts and long-term client liaison. She supervises ongoing investments, monitors their progress, and participates in planning new ventures.

Joanna is a real lover and promoter of a healthy lifestyle, she spends her leisure time actively, cycling, swimming, and enjoying rituals in saunas. She travels by steam trains with her son across Poland and Europe. She loves discovering unique places, people, and flavors away from the main tourist routes.


  • She has 10 years of experience working at JGA.
  • Previously, she gained experience at independent administrative positions in courts in Gliwice and Katowice.
  • She regularly participates in specialised courses and trainings, updating her knowledge concerning appropriate functioning of an accounting office.
  • She is fluent in English and has a communicative level of proficiency in the Russian language.