JGA acted as legal advisor in the acquisition transaction of Ars Medical sp. z o.o. by Scanmed S.A.

JGA law firm acted as legal advisor to Scanmed S.A. in the transaction related to the acquisition of 100% of shares of Ars Medical sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Piła. As a result of the said transaction, the Scanmed Group acquired a multi-specialty medical facility, expanding its range of services with 5 hospital departments and modern diagnostics.

JGA law firm provided legal services to Scanmed S.A. in the course of the pre-transaction phase and throughout the transaction itself. During the pre-transaction phase, JGA law firm’s legal services included the process of carrying out legal due diligence of Ars Medical sp. z o.o.

At the transactional stage, the legal advisory of JGA law firm focused on preparing and negotiating transaction documentation, including preliminary agreements and definitive agreements entered into with the existing shareholders in Ars Medical sp. z o.o., as well as a series of post-transaction cooperation agreements between the existing controlling shareholder in Ars Medical sp. z o.o. and Scanmed S.A.

On the JGA side, the legal due diligence project of Ars Medical sp. z o.o. was coordinated by Joanna Ostrzewska, while the transactional stage was carried out by Natalia Skutnik.