Dagmara Sojka


Dagmara specialises in maintaining full financial books. She has experience in providing services to associations and companies in the IT, telecommunications, and construction industries that provide services based on long-term contracts, and receive grants for business operations. She provides services to both domestic entities and those with foreign capital, engaged in the production and the rendition of services. She supports companies in the implementation of accounting software and the integration with external systems. She collaborates with IT departments. She prepares reports and analyses in accordance with IFRS for the needs of international capital groups. She is fluent in various accounting programs, including SAP.

After work, she indulges in the pleasures of killing and eliminating enemies in computer games.
A fan of LEGO and fantasy.


  • For over 9 years, she has been associated with JGA Tax Advisory as an accountant.
  • She completed the first stage of the qualifying procedure to become a certified auditor by passing 10 exams.
  • She continuously expands her knowledge by participating in trainings in the field of accounting and taxation.
  • She is fluent in English, using in communication with foreign clients.