Agnieszka Mikuła


Agnieszka is an accountant with 20 years of experience. As an independent accountant, she specialises in comprehensive bookkeeping for commercial companies and partnerships. She has a good understanding of industry-specific aspects such as trade, real estate development, trust activities, and car dealerships.

She manages and supervises the work of her team, collaborating with auditors, controlling departments, as well as finance and economic departments within the organisation. She actively contributes to the creation of analytical reports for management boards.

She participates in implementation projects for operational systems such as DMS and OCR. She enthusiastically embraces IT solutions that improve and optimise work processes, utilising her experience in this area during audits of organisational processes.

She enjoys spending her leisure time with friends outdoors, cycling, and taking long walks.


  • She has been building her professional experience in the field of accounting for the last 20 years.
  • Since 2009, she has been a valuable member of the JGA team.
  • Her specialties include the trade industry, real estate development, trust activities, and car dealerships.
  • She continuously expands her knowledge, participating in training sessions and courses.