JGA advises on developing, implementing and monitoring internal procedures to ensure compliance of the conducted business activity with the applicable regulations. The scope of compliance includes,
in particular:

  • Whistleblowing Policy – Internal Explanatory Proceedings. We specialise in developing systems of notifications on internal violations. We implement comprehensive solutions focused on detecting, examining and taking appropriate measures against persons responsible for violating legal provisions and the rules of corporate governance.
  • Identification of contractual risks and prevention of corruption. We assist entrepreneurs in recognizing potential regulatory risks related to the running of business activity in a given sector. We develop procedures minimalizing the occurrence of events of corruptive nature, conflicts of interest, as well as financial fraud inside an organization.
  • Data security – protection of company’s trade secrets. We develop an optimal policy within data management and the protection of confidential information. We advise clients, bearing in mind the need to ensure safety, while avoiding negative influence of the applied measures on the smooth functioning of the company.
  • Ethics and trainings. We implement projects focused on the creation of an enterprise’s mission and image. We develop bylaws and codes of ethics, we provide our clients with regular trainings and day-to-day advisory concerning the observance of regulations. We build mechanisms of conduct in the event of the detection of any violation of ethical standards and legal regulations by employees, business partners and contractors.

The solutions proposed by our specialists prevent the occurrence of irregularities, allow the early detection of any contravention of the law, subsequent identification of any sources thereof, as well as the implementation of necessary corrective actions.