‘Kick off the Virus’

JGA Legal and Tax Advisory is supporting ‘Kick off the Virus’ action aiming at the help in the fight with the coronavirus. GKS Jastrzębie Football Club, which competes in FORTUNA 1 League, is the initiator of the action. The aim of the action is to support the hospitals for infectious diseases in Racibórz and Cieszyn as well as the hospitals in Jastrzębie-Zdrój and Rybnik.

‘As a sport club we reach a wide spectrum of audience and generate big advertising equivalent. We would like to use our marketing potential  and in that way  help the companies which are not  indifferent to the problems of the medical sector, and which approach the fight with the pandemic holistically. Therefore, in exchange for the support for the local hospitals, we are offering a package of marketing actions, which we usually execute for our sponsors. The package includes placing a logo on sport uniforms and club’s website and advertising in social media’ – the official notice from the website of GKS Jastrzębie Football Club.

We encourage you to support ‘Kick off the Virus’ action!

More information:

Official website of GKS Jastrzębie Football Club – – link to the internal site.

Official social media profile of GKS Jastrzębie Football Club – – link to the internal site.