JGA a proxy of two debtors in the bankruptcy proceedings

JGA team advised and represented two debtors in the bankruptcy proceedings. The first debtor is a capital company rendering services such as tyre changing. The second debtor is a partnership trading in nutrients and dietary supplements. The common reason of insolvency for both companies was the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemics and the gradually introduced restrictions. Although the special acts suspended the debtors’ the date for the of the filling the bankruptcy petitions, upon the analysis of the legal and economic situation, a decision was made to file the bankruptcy petitions as both entities did not have any perspectives to rescue their businesses.

As the result of the filed petitions the courts in both cases appointed a temporal court supervisor. Both in the first and second case the court supervisor drew up reports in which he confirmed the validity of the filed petitions. As the result the District Court in Gliwice and Katowice-Wschód District Court declared bankruptcy of the companies.

Adrian Dzwonek represented the debtors on behalf of the JGA Law Firm.